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Philo Fundraiser Went Well

demo goat shirtThe show went really well Friday night. It was a pleasure working with Terry Lee Goffee, Kay Goffee, and the band. They really had the Johnny Cash Tribute nailed. I heard many people comment on how good of a singer Terry is. And I enjoyed hearing the band arrangements from the Johnny Cash records. I'd like to thank my cousin Brian Spires, and his friend Brian Starner for running the sound. Thanks to my band Tyler Clark, John Mohr, and Shania Huffman. It was great to see Kayla Myers on the front row, Stephanie Harnetty, Jeff & Robin Vaughn, John Hibler and his wife, Crystal Grubaugh and her granddaughter, and my family to mention a few. Sorry if I'm forgetting anyone! I hope you like your Tee, Kayla! And lastly, I would like to thank Stacy Clawson & Dennis for having me. And, of course the amazing apple pie Dennis! Good enough to be mentioned on stage! Hopefully I'll get the chance to do something more with the Philo Band Boosters. 

Philo Band Fundraiser

demoFriday, November 6 7:00pm at Philo High School Steve Spires at 7:00pm, and Terry Lee Goffee (A Johnny Cash Tribute) at 8:00pm. Tickets are $25 and go to support the Philo High School Band! Tickets are available at these locations: 



The Steve Spires Music Studio (1239 Maysville Ave. Zanesville, OH 43701)

Mother Tuckers

The Military Drive Thru

Duncan Falls CNB

Duncan Falls Campbell's 

Friday & Saturday Shows

imgres imgres-1Friday night's show went well. Looking forward to Saturday night. Busy day tomorrow and week to come! Come on out tomorrow night. Tickets are $15 and the show starts at 8pm with some pre-show entertainment from Tara Prouty on the piano. Backing up the Blues Brothers was fun. We all wore black sunglasses and fedoras. Pretty sweet, haha.

Autumn Sounds Show In Zanesville

IMG_2541.JPGMake sure you get your tickets for this show!

Friday night lineup: 2x2 (Gospel Duo), Slated Moon (Country & Rock Band), The Blues Brothers, & The Steve Spires Band

Saturday Night lineup: The Wayfarers (Bluegrass), Slated Moon, The Blues Brothers, & The Steve Spires Band

A lot of great friends, and great performers! Should be a wonderful night, don't miss it! Here's the link for tickets: Click Here for Tickets

http://stevespires.comSteve Spires personal page on FacebookSteve Spires band page on Facebook

NEW Video Uploaded Today

Weasel Boy LogoThe NEW video is "Apologize" (Cover) from Weasel Boy Brew Pub's Open Mic Night last night.


Sang all covers. Adding new songs. I'll be playing Weasel Boy Brew Pub on June 27th at 8:00pm with the full band. Chase Duncan & Melissa Terry we be opening the show up. Come out!





Good Practice With Drums

Tyler Fan ShirtToday Tyler and I ran over some things outside of the regular practice. Apologize and Counting Stars. Some original music as well. Trying to get a better rhythm down on things, with better overall flow. Tomorrow looks to be a good rehearsal. Anyone who ever wants to come sometime to a rehearsal is welcome. Just ask me ahead of time. Some people have wanted to do that in the past. Have a good week everybody!