In southeastern Ohio, “Spires” is synonymous with “music.” And “Steve Spires” has come to mean irresistible original music and touching renditions of cover material.

The son of a music man (Chuck Spires played 13 instruments and taught hundreds of young musicians over 57 years), Steve started playing percussion at age four, accompanying his father and siblings by banging in time on kitchen pots and pans.

Over the ensuing 25 years, Steve has moved from playing drums in his family band at fairs, through a Metallica cover band, to playing guitar and singing much of his own material.

Today, Steve Spires performs songs with a wide range of musical styles, placing emphasis on connecting with listeners.

I want each person in the room to feel like I am singing directly to them,” Spires said. Best known for his radio-friendly song “16 Miles From My Hometown,” Spires’ credentials are impressive: two releases of recorded songs, a growing fan base, and live performances throughout the region.

Whether it’s applying his twist on a familiar tune or playing one of his own unique songs, Steve Spires always delivers a performance that touches his audience. To discuss performing in your venue, please contact us.