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Autumn Sounds Show In Zanesville

IMG_2541.JPGMake sure you get your tickets for this show!

Friday night lineup: 2x2 (Gospel Duo), Slated Moon (Country & Rock Band), The Blues Brothers, & The Steve Spires Band

Saturday Night lineup: The Wayfarers (Bluegrass), Slated Moon, The Blues Brothers, & The Steve Spires Band

A lot of great friends, and great performers! Should be a wonderful night, don't miss it! Here's the link for tickets: Click Here for Tickets

http://stevespires.comSteve Spires personal page on FacebookSteve Spires band page on Facebook

MoCo Extravaganza Added

IMG_2369.JPGgoatAccepted an invitation to perform at the Morgan County Fairgrounds as part of the MoCo Extravaganza. I'll be in the 2-4 time slot with my band (Tyler Clark, John Mohr, Shania Huffman, and Braden Israel). Honestly, I don't know any information about it, other than the local band "Slated Moon" will be performing there as well. Thanks to Thaddeus Fields, who asked me to be a part of the event. I will find out more information and do my best to keep you updated. And, don't forget to pick up a copy of my latest album "Live @ The Smiling Goat" at the show! Here's the website with the needed information:


Download the Practice Pack

Practice Pack Pic 2 Practice Pack Pic 3Available on the page, the Practice Pack allows you to play with me all week long. Specifically tailored to things that we work on, in an order to better enhance your learning of the guitar. $24.99 through PayPal. It's easy, and quick to download. 10 tracks of my guitar background to the songs that we work on. And, with an accompanying booklet of simple, but very useful, notes. Click on the Practice Pack, on the Lessons page to purchase.

Click here to purchase the Practice Pack