Among Top 3 in Piano Lessons (Newark, OH)

Glad to be associated with

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Good Gig Last Night

The show last night went really well. Played three new cover songs. Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars), Won't Go Home Without You (Maroon 5), and Love Song (Sara Bareilles). Thanks to Trevor Tigner & Chris Cavanaugh. Had a fun time hanging out with friends after my portion of the show. Thanks to everyone who came out, I appreciate you!


Download the Practice Pack

Practice Pack Pic 2 Practice Pack Pic 3Available on the page, the Practice Pack allows you to play with me all week long. Specifically tailored to things that we work on, in an order to better enhance your learning of the guitar. $24.99 through PayPal. It's easy, and quick to download. 10 tracks of my guitar background to the songs that we work on. And, with an accompanying booklet of simple, but very useful, notes. Click on the Practice Pack, on the Lessons page to purchase.

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